A First: A Louis Vuitton Baby Collection

At last, babies can now have their own share of the Louis Vuitton charm. The House presented its first baby collection dedicated to newborns that will be debuting in March 2023. We’re talking about a timeless offering meant to be passed down and treasured, to perpetuate the generous and joyous intention of the collection. Soft, enveloping, elegant, playful… it goes beyond being a collection to forming a world that will accompany babies through their earliest days in the most thoughtful way, as every piece will play a part in the baby’s life. From clothing to shoes, accessories, and objects – like bibs, socks, blankets, cardigans and a Louis teddy bear – many are the details that reflect the House’s creativity especially the finest cashmere, the primary motif Meli-Melo, the motifs in pastel hues, the mother-of-pearl buttons and the small embroideries.

With sizing up to 12 months, your little ones will be effortlessly enveloped and adorably chic for a while. And with the specially designed wardrobe trunk embodying over 160 years of tradition, we also have the ultimate lifetime gift.

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