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A Hundred Years of Damiani

Precisely a century ago, Damiani’s story – that of an Italian family that preserves a precious know-how intrinsically linked to tradition – started. Ever since the beginning, the Maison aimed to create unique jewels entirely handmade by the master goldsmiths of Valenza, where it was born, in Italy’s most renowned goldsmith district that continues to symbolize “Made in Italy” excellence around the world. Today, Damiani continues to stand out in the jewelry world for its unique position as the only international name still present in Valenza, in fact, one of the biggest names in international luxury with its alluring designs and refined craftsmanship.

This year, Damiani pays tribute to its hundred years of history, craftsmanship, creativity, and passion. On this extraordinary anniversary, the Maison shared its century-long experience and savoir-faire with the world and decided to exhibit a precious collection of rare stones. The result is a collection of 100 authentic jewelry masterpieces encapsulating the continuity of a unique and unparalleled artisan tradition that looks to the future. The remarkable story of these one hundred masterpieces symbolizes the heritage of the Damiani family and serves as an invitation to delve into a dimension poised between eternal beauty and flawless craftsmanship. In addition, the House held the Damiani 100 X 100 Italiani exhibition that celebrates Damiani's first century, a prestigious milestone.   

100 years for 100 masterpieces of goldsmith's art that highlight Damiani's Italian identity, the blend of creativity, manufacturing, thinking, art, good taste, and culture.

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