A Much-Needed Summer Makeover for Your Kids’ Room

Cover Photo Courtesy of Circu

After a long school year, your kid’s room deserves some relaxing and joyful vibes that would only make it a summer heaven for them. Whether you have a beautiful princess or a cute little boy, a summer makeover is much needed to give your children a break from the serious atmosphere of studying and welcome them into the world of fun that awaits them.

Since it’s definitely a hard task – if not an impossible one – to change all of the furniture in your kid’s room, it can successfully be achieved by adding some accessories that spread joy in every one of its corners. This way, your kids can certainly welcome their friends to their realm, where fun and happiness fill the place.

From a rug to a play table, a wall piece or funky suitcases that reflect the vacation spirit, the list of accessories that can turn your little ones’ bedroom upside down is endless. And to make this mission easier on you, we have narrowed down a list of items that can prove your ability to be a super mom. Check out our picks and get ready for a radical makeover filled with summer fun!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Rice A/S pack of 3 suitcases 
Circu, Bird stool
Pottery Barn Kids, T-Rex RAWR! Wall Art by Minted®
Liewood, Rabbit Ella fabric basket
AFK Furniture, Lorelei bed linens by Matouk
Jox, Be Happy light box
Bambizi, Chinoiserie Garden wall mural
Kinder Modern, USSR rocker
Circu, Booboo swing sofa
Rice A/S, Giraffe vase
Pottery Barn Kids, Carolina small play table
AFK Furniture, Safari waste basket
Bambizi, Thalia Cherry Blossom wall sticker
Kinder Modern, Rainbow pouf
Circu, Sky rug
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