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A New Cartier Voyage

As a House whose craftsmen and designers are on a continuous quest for beauty, Cartier takes their expert knowledge, creative curiosity, and infinitely renewed impetus as the main characters of every new chapter. This time, the House’s journey unveiled a new High Jewelry collection “Le Voyage Recommencé.” The road was full of precious works of architecture, expanded possibilities of lines and abstracts, celebrations of life and the world’s horizons, and a lot more. Once the first stop on this inspirational journey was reached, more than 80 never-before-seen pieces were revealed revolving around the purity of lines, the balance of shapes and volumes, the play of proportions, and the strong vision that presides when structures of light are born.

Necklaces were the stars of this collection with different designs, but needless to say that every other piece was equally exuding Cartier charm. However, Cartier had to pamper us a little bit more and offered us, in addition to the unique pieces of this collection, another one consisting of 2 sets: the Unda set and the Voltea set.

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