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Images Courtesy of Anna New York

Product designer Anna Rabinowicz’s foray into the world of lifestyle began with her brand Anna New York that was launched in 2002. Her collections will catch the eye of those looking for luxurious designs. Featuring semi-precious stones, gold, silver often mixed with wood and steel, Anna’s stylish creations easily amp up the décor. With Master’s Degrees in Design and Engineering from Stanford University, a program in which she now teaches, Anna devotes her time to design, dreaming up objects that shimmer with elegance.

How did you digress from designing prosthetic knees and devices for cardiac bypass surgery into carafes, candlesticks, cake platters etc.?
My professional interest has always been to improve people’s lives. My intention has never wavered, simply the manifestation. The link between the two parts of my career is biological inspiration.

What prompted you to work with natural mineral stones, and precious metals like gold?

It’s critical to me that the designs I work on will last forever. Using these materials ensures that they not only feel precious, but that they look and feel the same today as they will many years later.

What was the first product that you designed after launching your brand?
Our Pedra coasters were the first product that I designed for my company, fifteen years ago. They are made of Brazilian Agate, a semi-precious stone, which forms within ancient lava streams. 

Which gemstones do you often use in your design?
Amethyst, pure emerald, crystal, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, tiger’s eye and malachite.

What was the inspiration for the Espera bowl that has nearly 4500 holes?
Our Espera bowl was a three-year project, which began with my academic research project on the growth and structure of the Sea Fan, a fascinating undersea organism. This is an example of biomimicry – our bowl is formed in the same way that the sea fan’s structure grows in nature. It’s an incredibly complicated production procedure; the most complicated that we have in the line. This was a piece that I designed for a very important client of ours, the Museum of Modern Art Design Stores, and I was absolutely intent that we succeed!

What’s your latest design project?

I am working on our spring 2018 home-object collection, as well as our next furniture collection. It may involve some surprise materials! 


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