UAE's 50s

Azyaamode & NET-A-PORTER Come Together to Celebrate the UAE’s 50th Anniversary

No matter how much we try to pay back the United Arab Emirates, it will never be enough. This isn’t an ordinary place where we just live, it’s our second home where we get infinite opportunities to thrive in a welcoming environment like no other. That’s why we couldn’t possibly let its 50th National Day go unnoticed without celebrating it in our own special way. So, for this occasion, Azyaamode joined forces with NET-A-PORTER and reached out to different remarkable women who also chose this country as a second home, to send a loving message of appreciation.

Keep an eye out to see what these brilliant women had to say to celebrate this special occasion!

Music copyright: Omar Rahbany
Production: PROVISION Production
Producer: Josette Awwad Luxury Consultancy
Stylist: Cedric Haddad
Hairstylist: Toni Habchi
Assistant Hairstylist: Tarek Lord Al Ba  
Makeup Artist: Nivine Khalife
Assistant MU: Talin Daghlarian

Article Written by Gabrielle El Kosseifi

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