Balenciaga Winter 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Amidst what felt like infinite connected screens, as usual, Balenciaga’s show setup had a lot to offer in addition to the marvels of the collection. Offering a rich selection, the House opted for a laidback design process. However, even though the signs were there that some of the pieces might have not even taken a minute, all the results managed to grab our attention, fighting their way through to be added first to our wardrobes.

From 1-minute designs – various clothing items thrown together and sewn as one new garment – to work-in-progress taped-together garments, lace stockings that are prints in reality, trompe-l’oeil layering, multi-waistband pants, different types of parkas elongated to be worn as coats, and the dazzling must-have range of accessories, Balenciaga definitely redefined creativity. And with the Balenciaga dust bags, backpacks, and nylon gym bags upcycled into tops, skirts, and dresses, no words can do the House’s creativity justice.

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