Bessa: Evocative and Elegant 

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Armed with a degree in Product Design, João Bessa worked with several international brands that had garnered fame in the world of design. João, who was passionate about craftwork, often dreamed of showcasing his extraordinary skills to the world and narrating evocative stories through the craft. He struck upon an idea to realize his dream – launch his own brand. Thus, Bessa was founded in 2014 with the aim of creating luxury art and design products. “We have great craftsmen in Portugal. I love art and design, and I realized that I could do great work with these talented people. The handcraft work that we specialize in is very different from mass production; it requires great care and patience,” says the brand’s founder and creative designer. Then, Bessa with an array of custom-made luxury products made its Europe debut in 2016.

Earlier this year, the brand showcased its collections at Maison & Objet Paris. So, how did Bessa fare at the show? “This year, M&O was just amazing. We sold everything on the stand and also garnered orders for the next six months. We established a lot of good contacts during the show,” adds João, who is currently working on the pieces.

Noteworthy among Bessa’s designs is the limited-edition Eiffel table, Monroe leggy lamp, Liberty chair and UK sofa. The filigree work on the standout pieces – Filigrana console and Murano mirror – has many takers. “People are always amazed by these two pieces,” João says. Inspired by the Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, their limited-edition Gaudi table is made of 100 kg of solid brass and is evocative of the organic lines in the façade of the Batlló House. The colors and the geometric shapes seen on the roof tiles come alive on the table’s surface through 300 triangles that are hand foliated with silver and gold leaf, and painted in bright colors. For another favorite, the Eiffel table, João turns to Gustave Eiffel’s Eiffel Tower and crafts his furniture with cross structures to imbue the table with a rustic look.


Later this year, Bessa’s chairs and sofas will don colorful velvets. “I think the interior design influences the mood of people. That’s why I always bet on the colors. We can have a sober and exquisite ambience with colors. It is a question of knowing how to conjugate it. People are happier with colors,” he explains. João is paying particular heed to Pantone’s color trends for 2017. “This year is the ‘Greenery’ green color and I think the “classic British green” is also going to be one great color for this year.”

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