Boho-Chic Look – The Do’s and Don’ts

As the eyes roam over the perfect sunny weather, whispers of a bohemian style fill up the air. There’s just something about wearing free-spirited clothes that remind us of a much simpler time. Originating in the late sixties, the boho style is mostly known for exuding a unique and artistic vibe, simply using natural fabrics, neutral tones, layering and most importantly, comfort.

If you’re having a hard time trying to picture it, just think of what you would wear to Coachella, only without the overzealous Hollywood-infused touch. To help you out, we’ve gathered a small list of rules that make your bohemian wardrobe go from nay to yay, and keep you safe from being called an “old hippie.”

If you’re a bit shy, do start off with accessories such as over-the-top headbands, fringed purses and ethnic footwear.

Don’t mistake “boho-chic” with “careless hippie”. There’s a fine line between dressing like a boho-maven and looking like you haven’t taken a shower in a year.

Do opt for maxi dresses and vintage fabrics. If you want to go Boho all the way, pair your dress with cowboy boots and you’re golden!

Don’t forget that oversized garments are the key to rocking the boho-chic look. Make sure the end result is an oversized silhouette with a little bit of sass.

Do layer your clothes. For instance, pair a beautiful floral dress with a fringed gilet and a gold headpiece.

Speaking of headpieces, do wear flower crowns à la Vanessa Hudgens (thank you Coachella).

If you’re more into trousers, then do go for flared pants.

Don’t forget about the importance of fabrics. Suede, lace and crochet are your go-to materials.

Do pair a kimono with high-waisted denim shorts and a fitted bodysuit.

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories such as vintage sunglasses and messy necklaces!


Cindy Menassa

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