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Celebrate the UAE, the FRED Way

Since there’s no possible way to thank the UAE enough for being our second home, we continue to look for different ways to express our appreciation. That’s exactly what FRED did by dedicating another remarkable piece for UAE’s 50th anniversary. After the Chance Infinie Lucky Medal, the House goes on with its celebrations with a set of amazing bracelets. The iconic Force 10, that has always been a signature of the House, adds its charm to this special day through its reinterpretation of the colors of the country’s flag while it offers two different buckle designs, one with a sparkle for an extra dose of elegance and one with a more simple and neat ambiance.

Red, black, green or white, the cables are perfect gifts to both men and women – including yourself of course – as they can easily become permanent companions after starting off their journey on your wrist by being a remarkable souvenir for this special occasion.   

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