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Delve into the world of Wallace Chan at TEFAF

Artist jeweller-sculptor Wallace Chan prefers to let his work speak for him. His work spoke volumes, which is why TEFAF, the world’s most famous and lavish art fair, has invited Chan over to Maastricht to showcase his work The first-ever Chinese jewellery artist to be part of the show, Chan says: “It is an honour and certainly a dream come true for an independent creator. I am truly grateful and look forward to engaging in these cultural exchanges.”

Chan will unveil his glass carvings and large-scaled titanium sculptures at the fair that runs from March 11 to 20. Maastricht will also see some of his most beautiful jewels – Moonlit Waltz and My Dreams rings, Let Life Be beautiful brooch and the Fish’s Whisper bangle – in a riot of colors.

We instantly fell in love with the bangle. What inspired it? “I once read somewhere that people in Monza thought it was cruel to keep goldfish in curved bowls, as this would distort the fish’s view of reality. I found the theory very interesting and wanted to explore it through carvings and gemstones,” he says.

Chan then used intaglio to carve two pairs of fish on the crystal along the bangle’s curve. “Now, when we look at the fish we look at them as though they are looking at us from a bowl. I imagined them to be whispering about the world they see. But a bowl is not a good place for the fish to be. So, I used fancy colored sapphires to create some corals – an ideal home for the fish in love,” he explains.

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Smitha Sadanandan

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