Discover the Savoir-Faire Behind Dior Maison’s Backgammon Set

Behind every Dior creation lies a unique story of craftsmanship, and the House’s powder pink backgammon set is no exception. Revisiting some of Dior’s icons, it becomes a true object of desire under the precise gestures of the artisan. So, let us tell you how this story goes.

Before dressing the backgammon set, the leather is delicately cut and embossed. On a background that sees subtle touches of gray – which is Monsieur Dior’s signature color, the iconic Dior Oblique pattern finds its place. As for his lucky golden star, it adorns two series of fifteen tokens. And in a refined ode to the playful heritage of Dior, two cups, a doubling cube and two pairs of dice complete the set. Watch the video and let it make you long for unforgettable moments of sharing with your loved ones.

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