Find Calm in These Sports

While some sports help you lose weight and stay fit, others have the additional benefits of helping you find calmness and relaxation, in addition to the fitness-related benefits. In fact, we all need that factor that provides us with relaxation amidst all the things we deal with in our busy lives. To combat stress the efficient and healthy way, you need to start exercising and here are some sports that will help you achieve this goal:

- Yoga is at the top of this list. In fact, it allows you to focus on your body and on your breathing and therefore increases your ability to control your stress. Say hello to positivity!

- Swimming boosts your health and relieves stress as it releases serotonin. It’s like an aerobic session for your entire body and makes for the perfect cardio workout when exercised fast, while it becomes therapeutic when exercised slowly.

- Besides being very popular at the moment, martial arts – such as boxing – help you vent your frustrations and have a positive effect on your mood. Well, who would have thought that this is what comes out of fighting – with yourself of course!

- Weightlifting is also a great way to fight stress. It helps your body release endorphins and balances out your hormones. Here’s another little secret: it’s essential for your skin’s health – which explains the beauty of the Victoria Secret Angels.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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