Gucci’s Amazing “Gift Giving” Collection

Cover Photo of Vanessa Abboud
All Images Courtesy of Gucci by Anna Shtraus

The festive season is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to start the celebrations to get in the mood. Gucci seems to feel that too, because on November 24, it held an amazing in-store event in the Mall of the Emirates, in Dubai, during which the launch of the Gift Giving collection was celebrated. Everyone wanted to take part in this event as different regional press, high-profile clients, VIPs, artists, creatives, influencers and other guests participated in the celebration, like Majid Jordan, Nour Flayhan, Prod Antzoulis, Ahmad Daabas – to name a few.     

The attendees got the chance to enjoy the distinguished music of DJ Vanessa Abboud and an after party at Indochine where different entertainment gigs took place as well. Let the festivities begin!

Ahmad Daabas
Basil Karrouhat
Leena Al Ghouti
Nour Flayhan
Prod Antzoulis
Samantha Francis
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