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Join the Cleo Clique of MARLI New York

With the introduction of ‘How I Cleo,’ MARLI New York’s newest global campaign, the House engages a vibrant cast of characters to tell the story of its most iconic, signature collection. With that, the Cleo Clique was born. Cleo by MARLI embodies more than just jewelry – it encapsulates an attitude, a lifestyle, and a way to style, which makes the Clique beautifully diverse. The latter includes the Playful Woman, the Timeless Woman, and the Edgy Woman, and together, these characters embody the essence of the 'How I Cleo' campaign, inviting wearers to explore and celebrate their unique personalities through the versatile designs of the Cleo collection.

Offering earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings set in 18K white, yellow, and rose gold, the Cleo Collection is available worldwide to adorn our looks with unparalleled elegance as a statement of character and a symbol of belonging that stands for independence, adventure, and empowerment. From agate and moonstone to turquoise and black onyx, MARLI New York’s craftsmen have perfected the pyramidal stone cut which today, stands synonymous with MARLI design.

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