Arab Talent

Kameh Turns UAE’s Sand into Works of Art

Cover Photo Courtesy of Natelee Cocks

Kameh is a Dubai-based design label launched in 2022. As part of its “Beyond Nature'' presentation, it dropped the “Breaking the Sand” collection at the Collectional Gallery. Designed with new material, sand, the creations were inspired by the designer’s connection to his home, the UAE, as a continuation of the iconic Kameh designs finished with sand from the Dubai desert.

Leading the way with his saying: “there is no beauty in perfection, only imperfection", designer Kameh finds inspiration in various artistic elements, such as art, nature and the human self. With sand, he reflects the versatility of the nation's natural elements and of craftsmanship through objects intended to be interpreted simultaneously as common, relatable objects of functionality and as works of art.

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