Make Memories This April in These 5 Places

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Making memories calls for a special visit to an amazing place and this month, you get your chance to do so. Whether you’re planning for a visit alone or with a friend, the weather is on your side to provide you with the best experience you could ever dream of. So, where can you travel halfway through spring? Here are 5 destinations that will certainly not fail you.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Lisbon, Portugal
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If you’re looking for a city break kind of trip, Lisbon is your destination. During this month, it is the warmest in terms of weather among the bigger European cities. And ahead of the high season, before the city gets filled with tourists, you will get to enjoy all the restaurants, the great monuments, and the cobbled streets in peace.

Mirissa, Sri Lanka
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Although this place witnesses a few rainy days, it’s definitely the perfect place to be if you’re seeking a mix of a beach holiday in warm waters, cultural discoveries, and wildlife spotting.

Jebel Akhdar, Oman
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April’s weather is the perfect one to enjoy the Arabian Sea, and Jebel Akhdar is your go-to place to do so. As the mountain communities continue to harvest their damask roses, you get the opportunity to unwind in the most calming atmosphere.

Florence, Italy
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Although it might rain anytime in April, Florence is an ideal destination to spend a vacation that exceeds your expectations. For those who like sight-seeing, the city offers plenty of places to discover amidst flowers exploding all over the place, not to forget that visiting its restaurants, museums and piazzas is a true delight.

Strasbourg, France
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Another city break ideal for a trip in April is Strasbourg. Its historic center is filled with wonders and there, you get to try the typical Alsatian cuisine and enjoy many activities that will make your visit truly worth it.
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