Matching Shoes to Your Dress – The Do’s and Don’ts

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Every woman should be familiar with the cardinal rules of matching shoes to a dress. Who here can actually tell me she doesn’t dream of owning a closet full of shoes? And who here thinks shoes are a girl’s real best friend?

This time around, we’re waving goodbye to all-things matchy-matchy and we’re welcoming back the exceptional art of mix-and-matching. The problem is, we’re sometimes oblivious to what goes with what and end up doing it all wrong. That said, one should always keep in mind that the type of shoes play a big role in the matching process – for example, nude shoes elongate your legs so you can wear them with mini-skirts, while stilettos usually go well with pretty much anything. But one thing’s for sure, footwear can be a real deal breaker, so keep your head in the game and follow our tried-and-true tips.


Do consider the occasion. You can’t go to work in sky-high heels just like it’s not a bright idea to go to a gala in sneakers. The time and place matter and you should pay good attention to these details.

Don’t forget about the importance of the style of shoes. Pumps go well with pretty much any kind of dress but sneakers don’t look good with a maxi dress for example.

Don’t go for style instead of comfort – well most of the time. If your shoes don’t fit well but match your outfit, then there’s no point in wearing them if you’re going to walk like a duck, will it now?

Do go with contrasting colors. For instance, if you’re wearing an all-black outfit, then let your shoes shine with a contrasting color to create some needed originality.

Don’t go matchy matchy, we’re not in the eighties anymore!

If you’re wearing a sequined or embellished dress, then do pick neutral-colored shoes such as black or nude to compliment them.

Don’t wear sparkly shoes with a sparkly dress. You’re not a disco ball.

Do consider the season. Boots go really well with dresses – from mini to midi and maxi – be it in winter or during summer.

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Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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