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Maveroc, the First Digital Jewelry Brand

As the first digital jewelry brand, Maveroc is here to make things a lot easier with its e-commerce platform. Newly launched on 20 October, 2022, this UAE-born, Dubai-based, premium fine jewelry brand was founded by Ibrahim Lamrini and Rita Chraibi. It consists of 6 original edgy and colorful jewelry collections that can be stacked, flipped, mixed and matched to suit every mood. All designed in-house under the watchful eye of Creative Director Rita, the marvels are crafted by highly-skilled artisan jewelers who use both traditional and modern techniques and processes, and who give some of the creations sophisticated mechanisms that reveal – or hide – secret messages.

Between 18K gold, high quality diamonds, AAA-graded precious stones and a rainbow of semi-precious stones, the Maveroc wonders will easily steal your heart. Currently available on and in 14 markets with more to come across the GCC and beyond, these must-haves will remarkably turn your jewelry box upside down.

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