Meet Dior’s New Capture Totale Le Serum

20 years of research into stem cells, more than 100 scientific publications, 10 patents and 20 academic collaborations resulted in the launch of Dior’s new Capture Totale Le Serum. The Capture Totale skincare range has set itself as a perfect example on what botanical beauty would look like, and this journey is far away from being over with this new addition.

Superactivated by fermented Longoza and Tuscan Iris extract, this new serum revives the skin’s youth potential. Suitable for every gender, every age group, every skin type and every skin tone, it corrects the principal signs of age, makes the skin firmer, plumped and brighter, and focuses on mother cells to make this transformation visible, lasting and intensified over time.

This new serum created a floral science revolution through Longonza, a natural treasure from the island of Madagascar. In fact, the “phoenix flower” has extraordinary regenerative properties and has been studied for over 30 years in a dedicated rain forest Dior garden that guarantees the harvested seeds maximum vitality. Now, Dior Science was able to further maximize its power through multi-fermentation and therefore multiply its regenerative potential. You call it magic; we call it Dior’s new Capture Totale Le Serum!

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