Mona Kattan’s Love Confession for Oud

Mona Kattan’s intense love for oud exudes from KAYALI’s Oudgasm Collection, allowing us to explore the different facets of the most luxurious olfactory ingredient in a charming way. Each of the 4 marvels of the collection was crafted with passion after 5 years of hard work. They were designed to magnify the magic of oud and explore the infinite universe of layering possibilities with men and women equally in mind. Offering a modern twist on the art and rituals of Middle Eastern fragrance layering, they are intense, sensual and luxurious, with each offering its own intensity. With Vanilla Oud | 36 being the lightest and Tobacco Oud | 04 being the most intense, the Café Oud | 19 and Rose Oud | 16 come to complete the set with the right dose of pizzazz.

Created in collaboration with one of the region’s leading perfumers, Hamid Merati-Kashani, he remarkably contributed to the journey of this collection, especially that, as an oud aficionado, he already had an extensive roster of scents exploring the many facets of this opulent note.

With oud as the star of this collection, new heights were set in the olfactory world!

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