Personalize Your Moynat Marvel for an Added Dazzling Touch

Moynat’s personalization services have been an added value to the brand for a while now but since it never misses a chance to dazzle us even more, it launched the service digitally and made it available online in the region. The bond between the owner and the Moynat marvel is particularly personal, much like the precious relationship between the artisanal creator and the artistic creation. To honor this connection, Moynat has been decorating clients’ names, stripes, and family crests onto globe-trotting trunks since 1849, and still holds to this hand-painted intimate tradition with both initial design and unique lettering available upon request. What makes this service even more special is the fact that each letter is individually painted in Moynat’s Parisian studio in either an archival font from the House’s history or a design newly imagined for the owner. Isn’t that the most special thing ever?

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