Prada Releases the Glass Age Campaign

In a campaign of echoes and reflections, Prada celebrates one of its icons the “Prada Galleria” handbag with an icon of popular culture, the internationally acclaimed actor Scarlett Johansson. With vivid expressive colors by Venezuelan-American artist Alex Da Corte, Johansson transforms constantly, framed and reframed by a sublimation of the everyday to be eventually translated into pure color. The latter innately synched to emotion and universally evocative of feelings, sets an ambiance where the Galleria itself serves as a unique mirror, of the transformed world that surrounds it.

In an ongoing dialogue between Prada and fine artists to reconsider the relationship between Prada icons and iconic cultural figures, the conceptual artist Da Corte made a first in his career that spans a range of media by exploring a fashion context.

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