Russian Manicure – Is It the New Best Nail Thing?

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While scrolling through TikTok reels, you must have fallen once, twice or even more frequently on videos showing a manicure done with electric tools. If you don’t know it yet, that’s what is called Russian manicure, or “the new best nail thing” as it looks like. Before jumping into conclusions, let us tell you all about it.

Also known as “dry manicure” or “e-file manicure”, this technique consists of a well-trained technician using an electronic file to remove excess skin surrounding the nail bed after pushing it back, leaving your nails super clean without the need to soak them in water – just magical! Two types of drill bits are used to clean your nails, one cleaning the nail bed and another removing the cuticle very precisely.

Next comes polishing the nail bed and creating the desired nail shape just like in ordinary manicure techniques. However, the following step is where lies the secret that makes Russian manicure so special. Instead of just focusing on the look of the nail like other nail techniques, this one also puts your nail’s needs at the forefront. Before applying the colored polish, a base coat that specifically addresses your nails’ needs is applied to ensure the ultimate results, followed by your chosen color and a top coat. While each application step calls for a certain time under the UV light, the whole process approximately takes one hour and a half but lasts for at least 3 weeks.

Now you might ask yourself about the outgrown nails but this technique has got you covered – well, almost! Of course, nothing can stop a nail from growing but the fact that the technician uses a precise artist brush to fill it with color around the edges not only makes your nails picture-perfect, but also very long-lasting.

Your next question will probably be if this technique is dangerous and what benefits does it offer to you nails. For ultimate safety, it’s better to visit a professional to get your nails done and never try to do them by yourself at home, as the tools can seriously damage the nail bed and cause infection if they don’t go through the 3-step cleaning process. As for the benefits, we must say that they make a big difference in your nails’ health, gradually restoring it after a few sessions. Add to that the elegant nail look that you have always dreamed of!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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