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Talent Watch – Henry Dakak Jr.

After pursuing a degree in History of Art and Heritage Management at the University of Buckingham, Henry Dakak Jr. retuned to Lebanon to work alongside his parents and manage the family business. He launched his design house, HHD Henry Dakak Jr., in 2010 and has since been designing furniture that brings to mind pieces of jewelry with refined details, bronze metal, delicate carvings. “It was obvious that I would end up creating my own jewelry line,” he says. Nevertheless, taught by mentors, it took him a couple of years to learn the process and different techniques of jewelry making and to differentiate the various stones. “Harmony and proportion are the two crucial criteria needed to create and design a piece of jewelry…and then you let your imagination evolve,” says the designer, whose debut collection features jewelry crafted in 21k gold and set with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pink sapphires. Drawing inspirations from old elements and transforming an 18th century buckle belt into earrings, roman nails into rings and earrings, this young talent employs his skills, creativity, attention to detail and innate sense of refinement to craft unique pieces that transcend time.

View some of his creations in the Photo Gallery below.


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