Talents Shaping the Middle Eastern Creative Scene – Part 2

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As the Middle East continues to bloom and prosper, Azyaamode continues to highlight the Arab talents taking over the creative scene not only in the region, but also on an international level. As an acknowledgement of the talents that we, Arab citizens, should honor, join us as we tell you about the next 5 that should be on your support list!

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Jude Jewels (on Instagram: @judejewelslb) is a Lebanese jewelry brand founded by Josette Awwad who, with more than 20 years of experience in the luxury world, was driven by her love for timeless jewelry and artful creations to undertake this journey. Passing on this passion to her daughter Jude, they decided to bring their love together and share this adventure.
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Noon By Noor (on Instagram: @noonbynoor) is a luxury womenswear brand established by cousins Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa in Bahrain, but the world was truly their oyster – offering them a global customer base. In their designs, modern aesthetics come together with understated luxury and a sense of self-assured femininity to form relaxed silhouettes that reflect an intricate attention to details.
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Malik Thomas Studio (on Instagram: @malikthomasjalil) is a gender-neutral brand established by Iraqi-born, Jordan-based designer Malik Thomas Jalil Kydd. It focuses on screen printing and highly artistic designs produced with sustainability in mind, while being anchored in the Arab world as the designer manufactures the buttons and all other finishes within the region.
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Kayali (on Instagram: @kayali) is the fruit of Mona Kattan’s deep passion for perfumes. After the success she and her sister Huda have met in the region and worldwide, she has brought into reality the dream of establishing a perfume brand under this name, which means in English “my imagination”, while cherishing the Arabic art of fragrance layering.
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Ohanna (on Instagram: @ohannaofficial_) founded by Hanna Hazem is a brand with a mission to create next-level streetwear that fuse femininity with ancient elements of the Egyptian designer’s heritage. Established in Alexandria, it celebrates the love for fashion and music that she shares with her business partner Omar Maher – making her creations a true expression of duality and art.

​Article Written by Mirella Haddad
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