The EDFC and Pashion Embracing Egyptian Designers

Under these extreme and scary circumstances, it is really important to stand together and support one another. That’s why the EDFC (Egyptian Fashion & Design Council) decided to partner up with Pashion magazine and show support to Egyptian designers and brands. They are providing them with a platform to showcase and promote their products which will give them a much-needed boost as the world faces the challenges of a new economic crisis. Extra care is consecrated for emerging businesses, and the EFDC pages are available for every one of them to present their suggestions and ideas.

Paul Antaki, President of EFDC, expressed that this collaboration’s “objective is a media and social media coverage to all the Egyptian designers and brands that need to extend their notability, to work closer with their colleagues and whereby important manufacturers and retailers may include them in their future strategies once this crisis is behind us." And in order for this move to get more traction, the hashtag #EgyptianDesignUnited is being circulated in hopes to reach as many designers as possible.

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