The New Dior B57 Sneakers Effortlessly Pave Their Way to Every Man’s Closet

Cover Photo Courtesy of Alasdair Mclellan

When it comes to creating distinguished sneakers that automatically find their way to our wardrobes, Dior always wins the first position. Proving this point once again, the Dior Spring 2024 collection dreamed up by Kim Jones came bearing the new B57 sneakers. Perfect to complete every outfit with their bold lines, they are distinguished by their retro allure and style that brings together elegance and sportswear.

Signature components like the "CD" initials revealed in Dior Oblique jacquard come as an ode to the art of detail so dear to the founding couturier. Along with the color palette of grey, black, blue, red, beige, and cream, we’re offered shoes that breathe an irresistible casualness into every look. Between artisanship and innovation, the Dior style is transposed to the present offering flexibility and comfort – essential characteristics for everyday wear.

Available in boutiques and on starting 19 October 2023, this new version of the Dior sneakers will in turn find its way to the closet of each and every one of you.

Photo Courtesy of Jackie Nickerson

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