Think Pink – How to Stylishly Wear this Shade

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Being in October makes us think of pink, the color that has become the emblem of a courageous fight. Besides that, pink has proven itself as a universally flattering color as long as you can find the shade that looks good on you. So, whether you’re planning to wear it now or during the colder months in order to add a touch of color to your winter wardrobe, we’re going to give you some tips that you will definitely find helpful in order to stylishly pull it off!

  • First things first, choose a shade of pink that suits your skin tone. If your skin tone is cool, pinks with blue undertones are your match. And if your skin tone is warm, those with orange undertones will look more flattering on you.
  • If you don’t wish to look like a Barbie, too much pink is not your territory. Instead, keep it simple and use it in a shocking hue that you could pair down with a darker tone such as black or navy. This will be one of the most sophisticated color combinations!
  • Express your audacity by pairing a pink piece with another in red or orange.
  • Looking for a way to look professional in pink? Wear it with beige!
  • Layer various shades of pink – think fuchsia with pale pink. This will be the perfect color combination for those who would like to go all out on this shade.
  • If you’re curvy and wish to indulge in this wonderful color, go for a monochromatic look – yes, we totally understand if Valentino was the first thing that you thought of! You can even go for accessories of the same shade and take things to a whole new level.
  • Choose the shade of pink that doesn’t only go with your skin tone, but also with the situation or the occasion. If you’re going to the office or for a business meeting, bubblegum pink is not a good fit but blush is.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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