This Year, We Ski in the MENA Region!

Cover Photo Courtesy of Faqra Club, Lebanon

The richness of the Middle East and North Africa region is not all about its history, as it has a lot more to offer – and skiing on some of its captivating slopes is one of the activities you could enjoy during your winter visit. So, let us take you through some of the destinations that should be on your list!

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Known as the Switzerland of the Middle East, Lebanon is distinguished by its diversity. Not only is it captivating by its blue sea and lively cities, but is also home for powdery slopes that offer ski enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy their favorite activity under its sunny sky.
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A wintery wonderland awaits you in Turkey at a short distance from the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, the country’s capital. Tall peaks, protected nature parks, and Olympic-sized runs welcome you to ski.
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Skiing started in Morocco during the French occupation and as time went by, more and more skiers started visiting its Atlas Mountains to enjoy this activity. Although the season is short, this country remains one of the greatest ski destinations in the region.
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The United Arab Emirates
You might find it hard to believe that this destination known for its desert and sunny weather almost all year long can be a ski destination, but innovation has proudly put it on the ski map. In fact, it welcomes you in the world’s largest indoor ski resort, where you can ski, snowboard and meet penguins.
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Georgia offers a long skiing season, starting in December and lasting up until April. As for its terrains, they are suited for all levels to draw a smile on the face of every skier or boarder.

​Article Written by Mirella Haddad
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