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Tiffany & Co. Offers Your Mother the Perfect Gift

Mothers deserve the universe as a gift and even that feels like it won’t be enough to fully express our love for them. However, Tiffany & Co. released its Mother’s Day 2023 campaign, featuring the iconic Tiffany Blue® Box and it features the second-best thing. Tiffany icons, like Tiffany T, Tiffany HardWear, Tiffany Knot and Tiffany Lock, celebrate the special connection with Mothers in all its forms along with Jean Schlumberger®, Elsa Peretti®, Paloma Picasso® and Tiffany Victoria® collections. From togetherness to inclusivity, individual strength and self-empowerment, many are the messages behind the pieces.

Not only does the campaign offer us the best gift ideas to pamper our moms in the best way possible, but it also recalls the magic of Tiffany and the assurance that what comes out of a Tiffany Blue Box® will always bring joy, as on this Mother’s Day, the Tiffany Blue® is more than just a color, it is a symbol of an unbreakable bond.

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