Tips on Kids Etiquette with Lana Bawadkji – Self Introduction 101

When meeting someone new at school or elsewhere, your kids should know the basic self-introduction formulas in order to leave a good impression. After all, isn’t this the reason why we work so hard on their manners? The answer to this is definitely a yes and introducing themselves to new people the proper way is yet another step to make this dream of little gentlemen and ladies come true. Once again, certified etiquette expert Lana Bwadkji doesn’t fail to lead the way for us to teach our kids the best manners. Here are the tips she shares on this topic!

-       Being shy is not a great thing, unlike our parents used to think. Your kid should be encouraged to introduce themselves when meeting a new person – whether another kid or a grown-up, at school or elsewhere.

-       The formula is as simple as a “Hello, I am Lana Bawadkji” for example. Could it be any simpler?

-       A handshake always makes a “hello” more proper so, train your children on a firm and brief handshake that never fails to prove their self-confidence and good manners!

Article by Lana Bawadkji

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