Vegan Beauty in a Story

Cover Photo Courtesy of Codex

As important as nature is in the world we live in, beauty is in the world of women. As nature is facing some of the biggest environmental challenges, the need for an eco-friendly take on beauty has risen, giving way to vegan beauty which we’re about to tell you all about.

Since beauty is a language that all women use to express themselves, all those who stand by their beliefs and follow a vegan lifestyle found themselves in need of an alternative to the beauty products produced by the industry in the past. From this idea, the concept of vegan beauty was brought to light – catering to all women without any exception.

Vegan beauty products – whether skincare or makeup – are ones that don’t contain any ingredients derived from or produced by animals and are labeled as vegan, vegan-friendly or 100% vegan. However, labeling a product as vegan doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cruelty-free as it may be tested on animals, and that’s something you should keep an eye on.   

That’s not all, as you also need to know that there are vegan beauty brands and brands that have a range of vegan beauty products. In fact, for a brand to limit its products to vegan ones is a big challenge, especially that finding plant-derived substitutes for traditional animal-derived ingredients – such as honey and beeswax – while maintaining the reputation of effectiveness of their products is certainly not a piece of cake.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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