What to Do in Madrid, Spain

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As Spain’s central capital, Madrid has so much in store for its visitors, especially if you’re planning to visit it in March when the weather can least be described as springy and extremely pleasant. As a wave of warmth takes over the city, it offers you the chance to explore its world-class galleries, monuments and attractions ever-so-easily.

First on the list is the Royal Palace. During your visit, you can’t miss the chance to explore the history of this haven, its private apartments, the Royal Gardens and all Royal collections in an experience of a lifetime. For this activity, we suggest being accompanied with an expert guide who will bring this place to life with exciting anecdotes – taking you on a journey of knowledge and amazement.

Once you’ve stepped foot in Madrid, you can’t also miss visiting one of the most important museums of the national territory, Reina Sofía. From Surrealism to Cubism and everything in between, this tour will give you the opportunity to learn all about the 20th century art movements and techniques. An experience that will certainly leave every art enthusiast in awe!

Bringing together monuments and nature is the Park of El Retiro. Surrounded by the city, it is a great place to explore monuments, galleries and gardens, and maybe take a tour of the artificial lake. In fact, this wonderful place became part of a combined UNESCO World Heritage Site with Paseo del Prado.

Your trip can exceed this amazing city. Well, if you wish to explore a site that’s somehow close, a half day is enough to visit Toledo and discover its majestic medieval architecture and winding streets.

And for those who are passionate about cuisine, Madrid has a lot in store for them as well. In fact, this city is a melting pot for food from every region of the country. Tapas – or appetizers – are also something you would definitely enjoy, as long as you make sure to have a siesta planned afterward.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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