Whitney Peak Reflects the Original Personality of COCO MADEMOISELLE

Whitney Peak, the young Canadian actress, continues to turn heads with CHANEL as their relationship keeps evolving over time. After being the brand’s ambassador for the US market, then the muse of the 22 Handbag campaign, she’s now the new face of the COCO MADEMOISELLE fragrance. Her joy, spirit and energy are contagious, while her curiosity, confidence in life, appetite for experiences and lack of preconceptions echo the temperament of the young Coco Chanel. As a young woman who moves towards her destiny to become who she truly is and wants to be, she is the true incarnation of COCO MADEMOISELLE’s original personality.

Channeling her joyful spirit through an interview with Olivier Polge, CHANEL’s in-house Perfumer-creator, together they take us on a discovery journey at the lab!

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