Nadara Enters the Middle East Shaking the Beauty World!

A first of its kind in the Middle East and GCC, is a new platform that offers skin consultation...

A first of its kind in the Middle East and GCC, is a new platform that offers skin consultation and an e-shop destination for a curated multi-brands skincare portfolio by the renowned Scandinavian skin therapist and entrepreneur Annica Kjellman. Fresh, unique and innovative, Nadara puts at your fingertips all the answers to your questions related to beauty and skincare provided by certified, meticulously trained, and highly informed skin therapists. After all, even though it advances creations from renowned brands like Augustin Bader, Babor, Obagi and Dermalogica, knowledge is essential to ensure we choose the right products and make the best out of them.

Since to each a unique skin, Nadara will always offer a unique personalized experience as it continues to proactively monitor skincare trends and looks for new brands and innovative products that would benefit its customers with the highest quality always in mind. Between online skin tests, prompt deliveries and all that is offered, perfection looks achievable with Nadara!