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Jude Benhalim Turns Paradoxes into Dazzling Jewelries

For its first collection in 2022, Jude Benhalim drew inspiration from the world of contradictions.
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For its first collection in 2022, Jude Benhalim drew inspiration from the world of contradictions. The ELECTRA collection comprises 28 distinguished pieces that carry us with their beauty to Ancient Greece and tell us about its legends. There, different metals intertwine with structures and concepts in an unexpected way, resulting in a combination of light and dark colors, coarse and smooth textures, solid and fluid materials, among other paradoxes, but in the most harmonious way.

Between the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other marvels, numerous are the patterns and various are the sizes, thus providing today’s women with a modern collection handmade according to old techniques and innovative perceptions. And with the adoption of the “zero-waste” policy, Jude Benhalim proves once again that not a chance will be missed to pay attention to the smallest details and to pick the best ways that will allow her to maintain her brand’s high-end standards.

From the 7th of March onwards, ELECTRA will be available online and in the main stores of Zamalek and New Cairo for you to pick your next pieces.