A Conversation with Nataly Nemer, Specialist in Beauty and Medical Permanent Makeup

After more than 2 decades of hard work, Nataly Nemer has made it to the list of beauty pioneers in the Middle East.

After more than 2 decades of hard work in research, practice and training, Nataly Nemer has made it to the top on the list of beauty pioneers in the Middle East, and her clientele stand as a true testament of her achievements. Synonymous with success, her journey has even led her to establish not only her beauty clinic, but also her Face Designing School (FDS). 

Known for her natural techniques in beauty and medical permanent makeup, you would definitely like to find out some important facts about this world and listen to some crucial tips from a professional like her. So, Azyaamode made sure to bring you all you need to know!

What do you think of face tattoos at an early age?

Face tattoos are recently going crazy worldwide, but it’s crucial to take the decision of undergoing one at the appropriate timing. I, Nataly Nemer, don't recommend it at an early age for many reasons.
To start with, face tattoos can help us look younger by reshaping and restructuring the position of the eyebrows where the gravity plays a key role, and change their original size, position and shape. As for the lips, it restores their color and gives them a healthier look that was affected with time. However, at an early age, our natural eyebrows and lips still look beautiful.
In case of exceptions, face tattoos can help beautify young people by enhancing their natural beauty, especially that the procedure is constantly evolving, it’s become pain-free and is not considered as tattoo anymore, but rather called “semi-permanent makeup”.

How do you help your clients make the right decision about getting a tattoo and what tips do you offer them?

Beauty is relative, and I believe Beauty is to be personalized. There is no one way of achieving beauty.
Each client is a special case, each client has an inner natural distinguished beauty, each client has a character, a story and an attitude that should be perfectly deeply valued to make her shine with a magical sparkle.
When combining education, professionalism, experience and art, our client is comfortable about her decision and our mission is to make her feel a younger refreshed version of herself, providing her with the latest technologies from creating the perfect shape based on finding her natural measurements, to the equipment, and finalizing with the special treatment, follow-up tips and instructions.

At which age can someone start getting face tattoos?

In many countries, there is no federal law regulating the practice of tattooing. However, the person receiving a tattoo shall be at least 18 years old but as I already mentioned, face tattoos are not recommended at an early age unless in exceptional cases of restoration.

We all know that face tattoos could look great, but there’s a big risk mistakes can be made. Is every mistake correctable?

As we all know, face tattoos could look great, but there's a big risk mistakes can be made. Despite the very advanced worldwide technologies, the international-standard techniques and equipment, and the combination of science and my 20-year experience and passion, unfortunately, some mistakes can't be totally corrected. People should be aware of choosing unqualified artists. Always remember, your face is your mirror, never entrust it to any technician.

Is there any post-care tips and advices you could offer our readers? 

Here is a word to all our readers, “Love Yourselves”, love what you have, believe in your natural beauty that makes you unique and special, be confident about your inner beauty.
Love every single detail in your face, on your body; even love your lines when they start to show so you age elegantly.
Dare taking decisions about your own body and face, dare enhancing your natural beauty if you feel like, dare expressing your passion out loud and sparkle your life with magic and beauty.

What is, in your experience, the direction that the world of permanent beauty solutions is taking?

Here is the vision: NON-Tattoo Look! The world of beauty is turning natural! We, experts from around the globe, are working on a new concept: the non-tattoo look. The beauty of tomorrow is natural, real… The technique is based on adding very light colors in pixel size and form in a very superficial layer of the skin with a very light pigment that fades after a few months so the person can always stay up to date with the latest technologies without leaving traces. And this technique, beside portraying beauty in its most natural and real feel, is a perfect solution for permanent procedures.
This technique might be perceived to be easily achieved but its high delicateness makes it the most sophisticated technique ever. So again, don’t choose an unqualified technician.

Tell us about the latest brow, lip and eye tattoo trends.

If you ask me, what’s your passion in two words, I would say: “Eyebrows & Lips”!
Eyebrows and Lips are my favorite parts of the face. Once perfectly shaped and beautifully colored, they give the impression of “a well-dressed face”.
The latest brow trend is "Browna Brows", and it’s my special signature technique. It is combining nano-blading and nano-pigmentation together with a magical mix of colors using international pigment brands and very high-end definition of nano needles to implant the color in the hair very superficially, based on special directions following the face clock and diamond to create the illusion of a very realistic pair of eyebrows that suits each face’s features.
As for the lips, the latest signature is the "Strawberry Lips" that is a combination of nano-pixels, nano-pigmentation and micro needling. It helps revive the color of the lips which will be designed based on the client's style, color and undertone. It could be done in many shades and intensities, with or without shaping and outlining.
Finally, what makes your eye contact memorable? It’s definitely the eye tattoos which are lately called the infralashes eyeliner, where very superficial tiny pixels are also spread between the lashes to give them a flawless frame and give the eyes a magnifying look.
And always remember, Beauty is Confidence.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad