Is Your Home Ready for Spring?

Every new season brings with it a certain vibe, its own style and necessities.
Cover Photo Courtesy of Dior

Every new season brings with it a certain vibe, its own style and necessities. Now that spring is around the corner, our home definitely needs to adjust in the right way as we definitely won’t miss a chance to keep things fresh and chic. Needless to worry just yet, as you still have some time on your hands and as always, we’re here for you!  

In order to handle new additions, your home needs to let go of a few things first, so decluttering is a must at this point. We’re not talking about a closet renovation – even though the weather is already changing, but that’s for another day as it will need its own share of time and effort – but rather about decorations, plants, furniture, and so on. Spring brings along vibrant colors and flowers that bloom in every corner. However, as much as it might seem easy to take this step, be careful not to exaggerate. So, pay attention to your space and go room by room to give each the love it deserves.

If you’re a person who likes to tackle tasks in a more detailed way, you can go with the following:

  • Put away the winter decorations.
  • Choose a new color palette to abide by.
  • Make a mood board, at least for your main area, to keep things harmonious.   
  • You can take into consideration: lamps, carpets, cushions, vases, paints, tablecloths, plates and glasses, bedsheets, towels, plants and flowers, candles, room fresheners, placemats, and everything in between.
  • Start adding the new designs and keep an eye on the whole picture in the process.

And don’t forget, you don’t actually need a reason to change a few things here and there to preserve the coziness of your home. Just follow your heart first and foremost.

Article Written by Gabrielle Kosseifi