Cartier’s “Into the Wild” Event Explores the Panthère Universe

Cartier held an immersive event at the Dubai Design District (d3)...
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All Images Are Courtesy of Stéphane Aït Ouarab

Cartier held an immersive event at the Dubai Design District (d3), a member of TECOM Group PJSC, where it paid homage to its timeless symbol of power and femininity, the Panthère. “Into the Wild” was more like a remarkable experience, a show, during which four exquisite acts transported the audience through the wonders of La Panthère's universe, captivating their senses. The iconic motif originated in 1914, during the tenure of the Maison's first female artistic director, Jeanne Toussaint, and the event reflected the visionary spirit and the enduring legacy of her designs. The acts also exemplified Cartier’s unparalleled savoir-faire, brought the Panthère's natural habitat to life, and embodied the wild spirit of the iconic feline.

Friends of Cartier – like Tara Emad, Razan Jammal, Hussein Ali Reza, Anas Bukhash, and Rawda Mohamed – made the event even more special, especially with their participation in the acts. Every detail was implemented to bring out the different phases of La Panthère's century-long evolution even the lights, the stage and the House’s signature red hue, to name a few. Since its inception, the Panthère continues to charm us with its wild magnetism and unwavering allure, and inspire Cartier's cutting-edge craftsmanship to continually reinvent the iconic motif in naturalist, sculptural and graphic interpretations.