A Conversation with Tracy Ghazal, Founder of Tracy Ghazal the Brand

After founding her “Fashion to Tracy” blog in 2012 during her first year of interior design studies, Tracy Ghazal didn’t quench her thirst for the love she had for fashion.

After founding her “Fashion to Tracy” blog in 2012 during her first year of interior design studies, Tracy Ghazal didn’t quench her thirst for the love she had for fashion. Although she was a pioneer in blogging when Lebanon wasn’t on the digital map yet, she kept dreaming and finally launched Tracy Ghazal the brand, which she established from her passion for iconic handbags.

Azyaamode brought you the gist of the story and here’s what you need to find out about the designer and her brand.   

From interior design, marketing and management to fashion and writing, what inspired you to take your knowledge to this level?

It all began when I was young and full of curiosity. I was motivated to expand my knowledge in various fields and always found ways to make the most out of my free time after school. Whether it was through watching movies or reading magazines, I was constantly seeking new information. Watching my father establish his manufacturing company was a defining moment for me; I knew early on that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Although fashion was always my passion, I decided to pursue my BA in interior design. In 2012, I started my fashion blog “Fashion to Tracy” to share my love of fashion with others.

As someone with passion for fashion, how would you describe your style?

My style is classic. Because of my body shape, it took me years of trial to find the pieces that suit me best. So, I look for clothing that can accentuate and elevate my petite figure. I love anything elegant, sophisticated and edgy. I'm one of those people who like to build a timeless wardrobe. I also like colors and I'm not into over-accessorizing my outfits. It takes the right bag and pair of shoes to elevate your look.

Tell us about your brand – the story behind it, the values it reflects and the style that sets the tone for its offerings.

While I was blogging, I first thought about creating my line of handbags. At the time, however, I thought that I was too young since university was my main priority. Nevertheless, I went to factories in Beirut to get a glimpse of the leather handbag-making process, and I had my sketches ready. Ten years later, I manifested my dream business and realized that it was the right time to take the step, so the thought of launching my handbag brand resurfaced immediately.

I personally believe that handbags can serve as a conversation starter or make a first impression of our character. It is not just about investing in a bag, but also taking care of it, especially if it is sustainably crafted with genuine leather.

As a designer, I am drawn to classic shapes with soft, straight lines and gold-plated hardware. I believe that my handbags strike the perfect balance between practicality and statement-making, allowing for both form and function in a single piece.

What makes your creations so “Tracy Ghazal”?

It's quite funny to say so 'Tracy Ghazal,' because people have known me as a fashion blogger for years, so there's this existing image in their heads about my style and personal taste. However, it has been easy to translate my personal aesthetic into my designs. My inspiration comes from vintage fashion icons, classic films, and the women in my life, such as my mother and grandmother. These influences have allowed me to create bags that are both timeless and relevant in today's fashion scene.

How did your journey as a content creator contribute to the establishment of your brand?

Switching from content creation to establishing a brand was a significant turning point for me. I always believed that the future of influencers is sustainability, notably by posting promotions and endorsements on social media. I had the honor of working with local designers and international brands over the years, so establishing my name as an influencer helped me a lot with my brand by giving it a certain type of value.

What is the message you would like to communicate to Lebanese and Arab women through your bags?

My message is beyond just wearing my handbags. It's about believing in yourself and knowing that it's never too early or too late to do what you love. As Arab women, we are powerful, hardworking, and, of course, we have great taste. Let’s unite by empowering each other and breaking down the societal boundaries set on us. A year after launching my brand, I realized how far I've come with all the support and criticism. It takes small steps to achieve what seems impossible.

What’s next for Tracy Ghazal the brand?

For Tracy Ghazal, we are planning to expand our product offering by creating a range of accessories to complement our bags. Maybe to create something for both men and women and to experiment with new materials. There is also an exciting collaboration in the near future. It’s just the beginning!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad