Discover CHANEL’s Beauty Novelties for Fall-Winter 2023

Fall has always been a season Gabrielle Chanel adored...
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Fall has always been a season Gabrielle Chanel adored, and with the French House’s new collection ÉQUINOXE DE CHANEL for Fall-Winter 2023, we are reminded how it’s a constant source of inspiration especially for the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio, which worked on this release. As nature completely transforms at this time of year, the Studio wanted to capture this transition and translate it into colors and effects with new marvels.

Not only does the collection offer an abundant array of colors, but it also comes with creations that will take your beauty game to a new level. Starting with the OMBRE PREMIÈRE LIBRE, it’s a limited-edition novelty with a fine, powdery, airy texture. As a loose eyeshadow available in 6 natural, earthy shades, it will warm up the eyes the right way for a captivating play of light and shadow. Next come the exclusive DOUCEUR D’ÉQUINOXE blushes to give your cheeks a flush of intense yet delicate color and leave your complexion with a natural, luminous glow. Six new shades of ROUGE COCO BLOOM came along to add the ultimate touch of sophistication as they hydrate and plump your lips with their distinguished formula. The collection wouldn’t be complete without the iconic LE VERNIS nail polish which comes as the grand finale of a colorful Indian summer prolonging the joyful warmth of this season with a bright orange hue and ushering in fall with a shade of red-brown.