Step into the Magical World of Circu

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There is nary a kid who doesn’t love to hear stories or believes in magic, fairy tales and angels, super heroes and genies. Girls may want to be a little mermaid and swim in the ocean like Ariel and sleep in an oyster bed; boys may want to go on exciting adventures like Tintin with Snowy. Perhaps, fly to the moon and back, soar through the skies like a bird or even go high up in a hot air balloon? What if we told you that you could put all this together in one room? And that your kid’s dream room can have a hot air balloon, an oyster, a rocket, a moon, a cloud, fancy moon chairs and even a mini-van, how amazing would that be?

You can turn dreams into reality, not with some pixie dust but with the help of André Oliveira, who designs luxury ‘magical’ furniture for Circu. This eclectic Portugese lifestyle brand has great designs in store to make living spaces and play rooms absolutely special.

Circu evolved from the idea that “children should be allowed to dream their own dreams, have a space to be and live their fantasies in their magical world.” So, Circu’s parent company, Menina Design Group, set it up in 2015, as there was nothing quite fun, magical and luxurious about furniture for kids back then. The furniture is made at their factory in Oporto, and each piece is made from materials best suited to the design – mostly in fiberglass and wood. Additionally, the furniture is coated with “non-toxic paints.” The inspiration for the mermaid oyster-shaped bed, as you’d guess, is the Disney movie The Little Mermaid, while the Rocky Rocket chair owes its origin to The Adventures of Tintin.

Good news: Circu ships globally and does bespoke designs for playrooms and bedrooms. This year, Circu has more magic in store. A little bird told us their next piece would be based on Disney’s Pocahontas. We can’t wait to see it. André Oliveira, let the magic begin!

If you’d like to order the furniture, visit the website:


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