Off-The-Shoulder look: The Do’s and Don’ts

The off-the-shoulder look is all about showing off your bare shoulders and maintaining a sophisticated silhouette, worthy of a true fashionista! Originally endorsed by the superb Brigitte Bardot, this trend took its toll on the fashion scene, invading all staple pieces, from the cute tops to the savvy dresses and we are loving it!

Designers have now made it a point to use it in almost all of their numbers and models were seen pulling it off ever-so elegantly. And since we believe you’re dying to know how to wear this trend and how to absolutely not wear it, we’ve dedicated a whole feature for the same purpose!

First thing’s first, do keep your hair off your shoulders, otherwise you would be defeating the whole purpose!

Don’t make the rest of your outfit very bold, as to retain the attention on the coolness that is your off-the-shoulder look.

Do pair an off-the-shoulder top with an A-line skirt to go all vintage-y!

Don’t go for thick necklaces, instead opt for thin accoutrements as to keep it classy.

Do opt for a cold shoulder look with thin strips as to add more style.

Do keep your skin glowing because with this trend, it’s all everyone will be noticing!

And hey, if you’re anything like us, you’ll sure go crazy with the cold-shoulder styles out there!


Cindy Menassa