Sophisticated in Satin – The Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s face it; what’s there not to love about a sumptuous satin piece, be it a top, a dress or a skirt? Nothing. There’s nothing not to love about satin- or what some of you might recognize as silk. The completely breathable fabric takes you through the hot summer months in sheer style and breeziness, lending you the perfect summer look.

Mastering the art of wearing silk puts you on the map as a true fashion connoisseur, but considering its delicateness, one could easily fall into a fashionable trap.

To help you navigate the landmine that is silk clothing, we’ve gathered the golden rules to grasp this fabulous trend.

If you’re not so familiar with the “silky territory”, then start off by wearing satin accessories. Do wear summery silk scarves or satin headbands.

Don’t go for a satin piece that is too tight, as it might put into sight unwanted-and sometimes non-existent – curves. If it’s clingy, forget about it!

Do invest in a silk dress for a savvy night out.

Don’t forget about your innerwear while wearing silk, as they might show. Go for seamless options instead.

Do go for a satin slip dress a la Kate Moss.

Don’t go all-things satin from head to toe. Ever. One or two pieces of satin clothing are just about enough!

Do pair your satin pieces with other fabrics, such as denim or leather!

So channel your inner diva and hop on the train to satin-land!


Cindy Menassa