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Chopard on Cannes’ Red Carpet

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Just like every year, not only do we wait for the Cannes Film Festival at the beginning of May but also for Chopard’s Red Carpet collection for the occasion. Serving as an official partner since 1998, the House takes part in the event on many levels. In particular, the Red Carpet Collection has established itself over the decades as the most eagerly awaited event in the Maison's jewelry calendar and it certainly never disappoints. Once again, Chopard's Haute Joaillerie workshops showcased the full extent of their creativity and expertise and revealed this year for the 77th edition of the event 77 creations inspired by the world of fairy tales within a collection entitled “Contes de Fées”.

In a world of dreamy wonderment, an array of moving and tender, amusing and quirky, and consistently precious creations exude supreme elegance. Inspired by childhood reminiscences – like enchanted forests, faraway kingdoms, talking animals, and fantastic creatures with magical powers – Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele created a brilliant and highly personal interpretation where wonderment rubs shoulders with the majesty of enchanted nature.

In short, the Red Carpet Collection 2024 creations testify in turn to Chopard’s exceptional expertise, embodying a subtle blend of realism and fantasy.