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When Roberto Coin’s Princess Flower Blooms

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Princess Flower, like the Venetian Princess, is a vibrant addition to the Princess family of collections by Roberto Coin. Re-elaborated from the delicate diamond embellishments adorning other Princess pieces, each marvel in this collection blossoms around a meticulously crafted floral motif. This natural evolution allowed the ornamental flower to flourish into a focal point of the design. Utilizing a combination of gold, precious stones, and the signature twisted wire detail, each piece showcases a captivating aura, rich in texture and color. Employing advanced 3D technology ensures precise proportions in both the external flower and its internal structure, while skilled artisans meticulously assemble each jewel, imbuing them with the same balance, care, and beauty found in nature's blooms.

In short, Roberto Coin’s Princess Flower blooms with an enchanting color palette exuding elegance from necklaces, rings, and earrings.