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Is this Tiffany Plane Really a Clock?

When it comes to innovation, Tiffany & Co. has a lot up its sleeves.

The Tiffany Airways mechanical clock, the latest horological masterpiece in the House’s Time Objects collection, celebrates Tiffany’s heritage and captures its whimsical ethos. Crafted in iconic Tiffany Blue®️ stainless steel, it draws inspiration from 1930s aviation, embodying Tiffany’s commitment to discovery and innovation. Designed resembling an actual airplane’s structure, its openwork body showcases a skeletonized movement with the escapement in the cockpit. Hours and minutes are elegantly displayed on large stainless steel disks at the plane’s nose, and the cockpit’s cage culminates in an arrow-shaped display pointing to the current time. Functional wheels mimic landing gear for balance, while the plane’s engine radiator behind the propeller serves as its "crown" and powers the movement. The versatile construction allows multiple display options, however, it’s not all about looks as it also features a manual winding mechanical movement with an 8-day power reserve.