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The No-Makeup Makeup Look Invades the Parisian Runways

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In all our life, we have never seen something so simple pack such a statement like the no-makeup makeup look, but this was the beauty world’s way to confirm that beauty lies in the simplest things. While we’re at the final station of fashion month, Paris didn’t disappoint us with its vision for Spring-Summer 2018’s trendy makeup. The natural look has literally invaded most of the fashion shows held in the French fashion capital so far, and we are expressing our gratitude for this through this feature!

A flawless complexion, non-colored healthy lips and subtle eye makeup… these are the essentials of this look. However, some brands wanted to add their own special touch such as Dior and Anrealage. While Dior highlighted the eyes with a load of mascara, Anrealage interpreted this trend in a dewy look that perfectly embodies the summer spirit. This was not all, as many other brands such as Saint Laurent, Lacoste and Balmain – to name a few – also saw this trend in their shows.

Visit the Photo Gallery below and check out the no-makeup makeup looks that graced the Parisian runways and start practicing to become an expert by next summer!


Mirella Haddad