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Talent Watch – Nadine Ghosn

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Drawing upon her Lebanese-Brazilian roots and multicultural upbringing, young talent Nadine Ghosn designs whimsical fine jewelry that grabs eyeballs. Memorable pieces that mimic sushi rolls, onigiri buns and veggie burgers have landed Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewelry (NGFJ) on many a wish-list. When Karl Lagerfeld sported NGFJ earphone necklace at Fendi Fall 2017 couture show in Paris, it established beyond a doubt that Nadine is a talent to watch.

This past summer, the designer showcased her collections for the first time at the Couture Show, in Las Vegas, and bagged a coveted award too. She has been on a roll since. “Winning the most ‘Innovative Design’ Award at Couture this year was an honor for me. The fact that industry experts recognized my design means the world to me, and having their support was very encouraging and a huge confidence boost,” she says.

Nadine Ghosn chats about inspirations, food and jewels:

What drew you to jewelry and what prompted you to launch your brand NGFJ?

My passion for jewelry was apparent since a very young age – I would apply stickers all over my ears, layer multicolored candy necklaces and my parents knew that jewelry was my go-to gift request. My family traveled non-stop – while growing up, I would collect pieces to preserve the cultural learnings and memories I made along the way. Jewelry became somewhat of an anchor. As I grew older, I came to appreciate the craftsmanship behind the jewelry, which renders each piece unique. The personal value that jewelry pieces hold – paired with my admiration for the savoire-faire – drove me to further my learnings at GIA and then later start my brand.

Where do you seek design inspiration – from sushi, burgers and apple earphones, your designs are so varied?

Often times, we forget to stop and value our surroundings, and to celebrate the beauty in the ordinary. All the pieces within the NGFJ portfolio were inspired by my upbringing, surroundings and the people closest to me. The Veggie Burger jewel, in particular, was inspired by my younger sister (and best friend) – she is a vegetarian and has gluten-free food.

What kind of woman did you have in mind when designing your jewelry?

Rather than a type of woman, I had in mind a type of mindset – one that seeks unique and original designs, and that does not fear taking risks.

Is food often on your mind - your Hamburger collections followed the sushi-inspired On A Roll line, clearly influenced by life in Tokyo?

I admit that I am a huge foodie! And yes, the On A Roll collection was inspired by my childhood in Japan.

Are you working on any designs at the moment?

I feel like I am constantly cooking up something new – there is so much inspiration around me that it is impossible not to!

What’s your vision for your brand?

To continue to disrupt the industry with innovative designs, while staying true to the craftsmanship.

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